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My Sweetest Honey - Florida Raw Honey

My Sweetest Honey

We sell Florida's premier raw honey which is bottled and harvested right here in Sarasota Florida by Shaun & Nora Knepp.!


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Sarasota Florida's Organic Food Connection!

Localgreenfoods.com is designed to connect Sarasota residents with the best local organic food and drink resources. With your help we can turn Sarasota into the most aware and connected GREEN LIVING community on the Florida Gulf Coast.

Sarasota is a health concious community which understands the importance organic foods and beverages play in overall health and well being. Chemicals and pesticides pollute the body which effects our central nervous system causing many different types of degenerative diseases. Gain a better knowledge of health, nutrition, and PH balance today by purchasing a copy of Theodore A. Baroody life changing book "Alkalize or Die" from Amazon Books >>

Local Establishments Serving Organic Food & Drinks


Chez Sylvie Et Fils - French Cuisine

Fine organic French bistro. Certified organic menu features wild fish, mussels, pates, crepes, more. Over 150 organic wines and champagnes available. (941) 923-9020. Directions >>

Cock and Bull Pub Sarasota

Cock & Bull - Beer Bar & Pub

The Cock & Bull is a laid back beer bar with over 200 different types of beer, wine and sake. The Cock & Bull offers a nice selection of organic beers! Learn More >>

The Ritz-Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton - Vernona Dining Room

The Vernona organic menu changes seasonally, depending on harvest and dependability of chef's local suppliers. Featuring locally grown produce and meats. Learn More >>

Simon's Coffee House

Simon's Coffee House

Eclectic Whole Foods Eatery & Catering. Our raw meals are fresh produce based dishes that are not heated above 110 degrees to keep all the natural enzymes alive. Learn More >>

Starbucks Coffee


Starbucks offers a variety of organic coffees from Latin America and East Africa. Some of these have striking citrus flavors and floral aroma. Learn More >>

Local Producers of Organic Food

Jessica's Organic Farm

Jessica's Organic Farm

Whether grown in our own fields or imported from other farms, the food sold at Jessica's is Certified Organic. There are no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers on our produce. Learn More >>

Smiley Apiaries - Florida Tupelo Honey

Smiley Apiaries - Florida Tupelo Honey

Tupelo honey is produced from the tupelo gum tree which grows profusely along the Chipola and Apalachicola rivers of northwest Florida. Learn More >>

Worden Farm

Worden Farm

Worden Farm is a private working agricultural operation. We appreciate the interest from the community about the farm. However, we currently do not have a public farm stand, and the farm is not open to unscheduled visitors. Learn More >>

Local Organic Grocery Stores

The Granary

The Granary

The Granary, owned by Natural Retail Group (NRG), offers high quality organic foods, educational services and quality customer service to the Sarasota community. Learn More >>

Richard's Whole Foods

Richard's Whole Foods

At Richard's Whole Foods, we've been making natural and organic foods convenient and affordable for our communities since 1979. Learn More >>

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market

We strive to offer the highest quality, least processed, and naturally preserved foods. Why? Because food unadulterated by artificial additives, sweeteners, colorings and preservatives is the best tasting and most nutritious food available. Learn More >>

Here at www.localgreenfoods.com you will find a variety of local Sarasota organic resources including local organic candle companies, local organic farms for food, local pubs such as the Cock and Bull which serves organic beer and wine, local organic herbs and spices, local organic tea shops, local organic treats for pets, and metaphysical shops which help enlighted, heal, and transform this community into who we are today.

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